What kind of unlucky person are you?

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This quiz is easy.... aswer and find out what kind of unlucky person are you!! hahaha, I bet the name didn't gave you any clue... And I don't know why am I writing this, nobosy read anyway....

Created by: LuluM

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  1. Do you think you are unlucky?
  2. Okay, what do you ussualy find?
  3. What is your worse fear?
  4. do people usually give you gifts?
  5. Has any of your crushs ever asked you out
  6. Okay, somebosy said "I am to depressed to answer" on that last one? Who was it??? Okay, never mind... If you are a girls, answer this one, boys, skip... Who do you think you will marry?
  7. Now, same question for the boys:
  8. What are you donig right now?
  9. I run out of questions... sugestions?
  10. Last question? Comment, rate, cry, laugh, sing?

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Quiz topic: What kind of unlucky person am I?