So you think you know Brazil...

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Kuddos from brazil!! I don't think you will be reading this, but in case you are, here are a feel thing you need to know: - I am a Braziliam - This quiz is not a fiction

I just got mad at how people have not a clue about how do we Brazilims live... Hope you learn something in doing the quiz... And please, do not get made with me about your result

Created by: LuluM

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  1. Ok, wht is the first thing that come to your mind when the name Brazil pops out?
  2. How would you describe a Braziliam girl?
  3. What is Amazônia?
  4. would you like to visit Brazil??
  5. Wich of the following is a braziliam state?
  6. Wich of the following is not a Braziliam's comum name?
  7. Can you name one Braziliam?
  8. Do you think you know enought about Brazil?
  9. ook, last question... Are you ready for the results???? (this has no effect lol)
  10. It was nice talking to you... Please do not be mad at me for your result....

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