Do you know Italy?

Hello guys! I'm an Italian girl who thought it would be a nice idea to create this test, because I know a lot of people around the world loves Italy. I've done my best to make a quite fun and interesting test.Hope you'll like it!

Ok...why am I doing this...Do you like Italy? Do you think you know Italy as well as an Italian does? Do you...ok, I've finished the questions. Sorry for my English...Let's start!

Created by: Child of Hecate
  1. How many regions are there in Italy?
  2. Who is the most important Italian writer?
  3. When was Italy born?
  4. Which one is the Italian capital city?(I know, this is a stupid question)
  5. What's the Italian anthem name?
  6. When did Italy become a Republic?
  7. Garibaldi square, Garibaldi street, Garibaldi's monument, Garibaldi here, Garibaldi there, Garibaldi is EVERYWHERE here in Italy. Who was he?
  8. You knew we should arrive here: what's the basic pizza name?
  9. something more boring. What city is the most important example of Renaissance?
  10. Which was the royal family in Italy?
  11. Now, something about Italians. Let's start with this: What do you think of Italians?
  12. What's the Italian's average favourite colour?
  13. Now, an easy question: What's Italians' favourite food (on average, obviously)
  14. And now, let's speak Italian. Eh eh eh...What's the Italian for "Hello.How are you?"
  15. Lalalalala...what's the English for: "mi piacciono le patatine"?
  16. Aaaand...the last question... who was Camillo Cavour?
  17. How was this quiz?
  18. Am I your best friend now?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Italy?