How Italian are you?

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Hello! You probably clicked into this quiz to find out whether you are Italian or not. I would like to make it clear that though I am part Italian and tried to make this as accurate as possible, it is not scientific therefore probably not 100% accurate.

Italy is a country rich with culture, food and fashion. Many people claim to be Italian to impress other people. Are you one of these people or do you truly have some Italian heritage?

Created by: Bunnylover303

  1. First off, are you actually Italian?
  2. Do you like pizza?
  3. Do you like pasta?
  4. Do you talk with your hands?
  5. What does 🤙mean?
  6. What do you put in your risotto?
  7. What do you look like?
  8. Do your first and last names end in vowels?
  9. Are you named after a grandparent?
  10. Do you speak a latino language? (Italian, French, Spanish or Portugeuse)

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Quiz topic: How Italian am I?