What is your natural eyecolor?

There are very few people that are naturally the eyecolor they are. Which fits your personality better? Well you will find out after taking this short little quiz.

Many people think their natural eyecolor is the eyecolor they have now, well sometimes it's not. Are you Blue? Are you Green? Are you Brown? Are you Hazel? Are you Gray? Are you Red-brown?

Created by: Flow
  1. What is your personality
  2. What is your eye color now?
  3. Do you hide behind your true self?
  4. What do you feel most connected to?
  5. Least favorite thing?
  6. Does no one really know the real you?
  7. Got to have 12 questions
  8. 12 questions
  9. ?????????????????
  10. 1111

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Quiz topic: What is my natural eyecolor?