Would Jacob Black fall for you?

There are lots of people on this earth that would love to be in Bella Swan's position with Jacob. They would love to date teen hottie, Jacob Black the warewolf...

Today is your lucky day to find out if you have a chance to be in that position with Jacob! So take the quiz to see... Your fate lies not too far ahead of you!

Created by: Jayda

  1. Wot is your 2 favourite colours?
  2. If u had the opportunity wot immortal wud u b?
  3. How do u like yur hair?
  4. Wot do u like 2 do 2 entertain yurself?
  5. Wot type of people do u not like?
  6. Wot's yur favourite band?
  7. Wot colour do u want 2 die yur hair?
  8. How much sleep do u need?
  9. Do u lose ur temper easily?
  10. How tall r u?
  11. R u a good lier?
  12. Wot do u want 2 do 4 a living when u grow up?
  13. Wot's yur favourite drink?
  14. How old r u?
  15. Wot is yur favourite food?

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