just a who will you fall for quiz part 5

Hi! Welcome back! Sorry it took me forever to do this! I was busy. I’ve been trying to find time to do this and I did! Whoop! So here it is. I hope I left you with a good cliff-hanger! So yeah. Thanks to everyone who has commented and rated.

RECAP TIME!! – You had a day with Joseph but Lucas barged in. And Jacob is crying. So yeah. Joseph – black side-swept hair. NOT EMO!!! I REPEAT, NOT EMO!!! Thank you. Bright blue sparkling eyes. He’s sweet and kind to everyone. Popular, and your best friend. Lucas- flippy dirty blinde hair. Twinkling glass green eyes. A player, Jacob’s twin brother. Jacob – light brown hair with blande highlights that go over his deep forest green eyes. He’s sweet, shy, and sensitive. Lucas’ twin brother.

Created by: Hazdam

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  1. You sit there not knowing what to do or say. His face is hidden in the darkness and you still can’t see his face. You take a chance and blurt something out. “Jacob?” you manage to say. “Shh…don’t say anything. Can I tell you something?” “Umm, I dunno, it’s getting late and my parents might, you know, freak out.” “Oh, how ‘bout tomorrow?” (it’s a weekend). “When?” “Anytime is fine, I’ll wait for you no matter how long.”
  2. “See you tomorrow.” You say. You give him a kiss on the cheek and head home. Just out of chance, the phone rings right when you step through the door. “Hello? _____ speaking.” “_____! What happened earlier?” It’s Joseph. His voice has a hint of shock and anger. “I’m sorry Jo! I never planned it!” “Oh, really? Okay that’s good.” He says relieved. “What were you going to tell me?” “Oh yeah, um _____, I *ssccrraa* you.” “What?” “I know…pathetic right?” “No, I didn’t hear you. It’s cuz this phone is crap. Can you say it again?” He sighs, “Well, okay. I-” “_____! Bed! NOW!!” It’s your mom. She’s kinda strict about time. “ Jo, I have to go. Tell me Monday, okay?” “Uh, okay. Bye.”
  3. You head upstairs and change into your PJs. What do they look like?
  4. You put on your PJs of choice and slip into dream land. What do you dream about?
  5. Your music alarm clock rips through your dream with your favourite song, which is?
  6. You turn down the volume, but not too much so you can have a bit of music ;). What do you change into?
  7. With your clothing of choice, you quickly grab two apples and head out the door. When you get to the dock, Jacob is gazing peacefully in the ocean. You slowly walk behind him. “Hi _____.”
  8. “I have a secret. You can’t tell anyone because that’ll ruin everything. I’m not normal.” You roll your eyes. “Really? Are you telling me you have super powers?” “Haha don’t be silly. No I don’t. Why would you think that?” You sigh and sit next to Jacob. “I dunno. Why aren’t you normal then?” “Well I just have good hearing and I’m smarter than anyone in the class. I’m not psychic, I don’t have healing powers, or any of that other crap.” You smile and think, “Good. At least I don’t have to worry about being in ‘grave danger’”.
  9. How’d you know when to come then?” you ask. “I stayed after you left. Like I told you, I’ll wait for you forever.” You blush. “Here I brought an extra apple.” You hold out one apple. He takes it and bites. “Thanks he says but it really sounds like he’s saying “Fwanks”.
  10. So why did you want to talk to me?” you start. “Maybe I could tell you about me and my bro. Wanna ask questions or anything. I’ll be happy to answer anything for you. What do you want to know?”
  11. “Tell me everything you know.” “Hmm, where do I start.” You sit there chewing on your apple, eager to learn. “Well, we were born in Boston, and yeah. We were born there.” You nod wanting more. “Sorry. I’m not a very goods story teller.” “It’s okay! You doing great!” He blushes and keeps going. “Well me and Lucas are really close. Not even if were both crushing on the hottest girl in school, would rip us apart.” He says with a smile.
  12. Before he continues he takes a bite out of his apple. He tries to say something but then changes his mind.
  13. . “Well, we both had girlfriends. But we broke up with them because we had to move. Her name was Nancy.” He turns to you for a reaction. You’re trying to hide the fact you might blow-up or something. “But don’t worry. I have you. It turns out she was cheating on me. So I don’t give a crap about her.”
  14. “Wait, you are my girlfriend, right?”
  15. “Good! I love you _____. More than anyone in the world.” He tells you. He turns bright red and laughs sheepishly. “Now that we have that settled, we don’t have to worry about Lucas stealing you!” “Why?” “He has a girlfriend silly!”
  16. “What’s her name?” you ask just about to explode. “Uh, Teri! She seems really nice. Maybe you guys could be friends!”
  17. Well Bye!
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