How well do you know your Breaking dawn book?

This quiz is really all about how much you know your Breaking dawn. It is something to do when your bored.I hope you loved this quiz. This is all really about how much you know about breaking dawn.

Are you a Breaking Dawn freak. If you scored high you know you are.What is a Breaking Dawn freak. Well, its when you every little thing about this book. But dont worry its not bad to be a Breaking dawn freak because im one.

Created by: LOVEBUG

  1. what are the Denali sisters names
  2. where did Bella and Edward spend there honeymoon
  3. Whats Bella's babies name
  4. what color eyes does Bella have
  5. where is Isle Esme located
  6. Who imprinted on Jacobs sister
  7. Why does Jacob think bella is a Vampire
  8. Why does the Valtori want to attack
  9. Whats bella's kids middle name
  10. Whos the packs Alpha at La push

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my Breaking dawn book?