Stuff About Caroline

I have nothing to say about this. I'm on the phone with Amy right now... This warm and sunny Spot Belongs to Pooh And here he wonders what He's going to do. Oh, bother, I forgot - It's Piglet's too.

I hate finals~ Sir Brian had a pair of boots with great big spurs on, A fighting pair of which he was particularly fond. On Tuesday and on Friday, just to make the street look tidy, He'd collect the passing villagers and kick them in the pond.

Created by: Caroline
  1. What do I eat every single day?
  2. In what state do I hate being the most?
  3. Who is my favorite artist?
  4. Which form of poetry do I prefer?
  5. What did Amy and I do the night before Homecoming, senior year?
  6. Why is Patrick my best friend?
  7. Why don't I like having alot of furniture?
  8. What is Butter's full name?
  9. What part of the bed do I sleep on?
  10. What color underwear do I almost always have on?

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