Thanks for taking this quiz! I can not think of anything now so you can skip this Part. BUT PLEASE COMMENT!! thank you to the people that did!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for taking this quiz! I can not think of anything now so you can skip this Part. BUT PLEASE COMMENT!! thank you to the people that did!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Recap: Someone comes to You and it looks like they have a knife on their hand. On with the story: It Dinah!! "Dinah? What are you doing?" I asked her. She snarled at me "Nothing I was...was hunting" I looked at her "What?" She rolled her eyes "Bunnys" Binny was a bunny (her pet bunny) "What about Binny?" I asked her. She smacked her lips togeter "Oh Bonny"she giggled. What? Is with Dinah these days I thought "Oh I was hungry"Dinah told me. "How awful" I told her. She snarled "Whatever twit, want to come to summer camp with me?" she asked. "No, I have plans" I told her. She laughed "You plans" she Smiled. "Yes, I have plans" I said. "Oh what A pity, I guess we are well not friends anymore. Bye Ally Willson. Maybe John will cone with me" I wachted Dinah walk away. A had a flashback for some reason *I walked into the room with a lovely dress on.
  2. Everyone stared at me, I was the bell or the ball. But Dinah snarled at me as I walked past her to Troy, John, Ash and Dane. They smiled at me with Love in there eyes. Then Turned around to see a knife flying in the air* I blinked my eyes. What A strange flash back! I walked home.
  3. When I got home, I ran to my room and hid my face in pillows. What a day? I thought hugging my Teddy. I looked over at a picture of me and Dinah playing togeter when we were 3. I got a text it says Sooo sorry Ally, I can not change the past!! I figured something out and you will know it soon. We were never ment to be friends, I have to go with my family and heart, even knowen my heart says good I don't listen. From EX-best friend Dinah What a weird letter, I thought! What did it mean. Questions raced in my mind, i herd a laugh from inside my head and my voice said "And we haven't even got to the fun part"
  4. A wanted my dad so much! Where was he again? I don't think I ever grew up with a dad!! Then my mother called me downstairs, she was crying. "Honey.." she cryed "I am not really your mum, your mum died when you were born. Your father was Verry rich. He was call mount (for some reason) your 3 brothers and 2 sisters are waiting for you at there home. They say you must come home at once! I am sorry I did not tell you sooner because I just found out that... Mount DEAD!!!" I huged mum "It's ok, I love you" I tell her
  5. *A FEW DAYS LATER* I am at the air port really to get on the Plane. I told John i can not go with him to that island. I said bye to every one. I just finished school a few days ago (ok I skipped at bit you now 18 and done school. No years skipped) only 2 days ago i found out that my dad was dead. And now am I seeing my bros and sisters.
  6. I sit on the plane next to a boy. "Hello I am Ally...Er i don't know my last Name." I say to him. He looks like me but a boy. "Henrick Count, I herd my father just died so i am comeing back home" he told me. "Oh my Father just died too! I never met him, I think his name was Mount!" Henrick stared at me in shocked "Your last name is Count, your my twin sister" he told me..."What?" I asked.
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