Important announcement!!!

This is an important announcement from me ILuvHolister. Recently one of my close friends has introduced me to an awesome book series, which inspired me to make this announcement.

Please tell me if you think I should start a cirque du freak love story series. The main charcter will be ___, but will be a girl. Sorry guys. Thanks and be sure to take my other series and quizzes.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Ok, soo here is my important announcement. I am thinking of starting a new series called a Cirque du Freak Love Story.
  2. If you think I should then please say so. For those of you that don't know... cirque du freak is a series made by a guy named darren shan and is pretty intresting.
  3. In other news... My one direction love story... called Love and Suprises!? is out now i think i either have parts 1-5 out or 1-6, not sure,but please take.
  4. I will also have the next part out soon for my other series Love!!!! Please take too.
  5. In adition, i have completed my three part story.. L.O.V.E, please take it as well.
  6. I will also have the nexxt part soon for..the mysterious forest.
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