How deep of knowledge are you? [HARD]

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Salutations, Subjects. Be very honest and whatever answer you know/think is right. Don't just randomly click objects and don't be TOO random. Have fun? Just don't hurt yourself.

I put as much rare items as I could. To make the quiz POSSIBLE, I didn't add too much things. I could've added other rare bands/singers like Xuxa. Or asked something like "Which country exists". I might add that, though.

Created by: Nezxhyde
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  1. Which here is NOT true?
  2. Which of these about Steve Jobs are true? MULTIPLE ANSWERS ARE CORRECT
  3. Which icon/character/symbol does not appear in the font "Arial"?
  4. Which name DOES NOT exist?
  5. Which person is considered a politician or CLOSE to being a politician?
  6. Which band/singer has the song "Lady Of Ice"?
  7. Which singer/band is Egyptian?
  8. Which phrase here has Austin Powers NEVER said?
  9. Which site DOES NOT exist? TWO of them do not exist! Pick one!
  10. What shouldnt be in this question? This is MORE easy.
  11. Which one of these figures are NOT a part of the deadly sins? Not talking about the SEVEN deadly sins.
  12. Which word means "opposite"?
  13. Which one is a melon?
  14. Which person did drugs?
  15. Which band had the lyrics along the lines of "Would you like and help me sing the song"?
  16. Which here is a berry?
  17. Which program does the virtual singer "Dandy 704" appear in?
  18. Which Disney movie DOES NOT exist?
  19. Which "strictly" non-singer actually sung?
  20. Which person/group DOES NOT have a Wikipedia page?

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Quiz topic: How deep of knowledge am I? [HARD]