How "rare" a Jammer Are You On

Animal jam fans can play wild, but sometimes, people notice all the cool items and things people are wearing. Are you one of those people everyone is staring at? If you want to know, read on, or just skip this and take the quiz already.

Some people I know are "rare" jammers(I'M TALKING TO YOU JULIAN2!!!). Are you a rare jammer? Take this test to find out. Here is a hint: if you are new to animaljam. Com, this test isn't exactly recommended for you. Just an FYI.

Created by: Daniella
  1. How many rares do you have?
  2. What is your rarest item?
  3. There is flash trading at someone's den, you think:
  4. When you change your animals clothes you...
  5. Somebody asks you what you want for your green butterfly wings, you...
  6. Somebody tells you to send them a rare and they will send you tail armor, you...
  7. You lock your den/turn your buddy requests off because:
  8. What is the oldest item you have from?
  9. There is a rare in the shop but you don't like how it looks.
  10. Somebody has a fox hat on their trade list, and you really want it...

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Quiz topic: How "rare" a Jammer am I On