What political ideology do you have?

How does one make sense of the various political and economic ideologies in the world today. They seem to be ambiguous at best and many people try to think of themselves as independent thinkers, but that is hard.

What kind of government or economy would you prefer. This quiz is by no means exhaustive, but it divides up where certain viewpoints stand on particular issues quite nicely. You may learn something through this quiz.

Created by: Matthew
  1. Do you believe harmful drugs should be legalized?
  2. Should the government provide welfare money.
  3. Should there be a death penalty for violent crimes?
  4. Should the government regulate industry?
  5. Do you believe in an absolutely free press?
  6. Do you believe in democracy?
  7. If your nation is powerful, should it seek an imperialist policy?
  8. Should the government use public surveillance and profiling to foil terrorist plots?
  9. Do you believe in a draft for national defense?
  10. What is your opinion of the class struggle?

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Quiz topic: What political ideology do I have?