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  • I am 72% Fascist but 66% Communist. How in the world does that work? I thought Fascists hate Communists, how can one be both?! Fix bug ASAP please, thank you! :P

    JumboCraft Apr 11 '16, 10:53PM
  • There was a few questions I had trouble with deciding witch answer choose, so I took the quiz twice. First time I got libeltarian and anarchist was second with 1% difference, second time I got anarchist and libeltarian was second with 3% difference. Seems pretty accurate.

    Nikt Jul 23 '15, 10:58AM
  • This quiz was obviously devised by a left-wing radical! The results say that I am a "Fascist." I have taken MANY such quizzes before, and this is the ONLY one that gave me this label.

    MIKEMCD May 4 '15, 7:50PM
  • democratic socialist, that's fine by me. I like the state helping those who need it instead of helping the capitalists who are doing fine. It's good to give everyone a fair chance in society and not only those who can afford it.

    Hugohunter Apr 10 '15, 7:41PM
  • democratic socialist, that's fine by me. I like the state helping those who need it instead of helping the capitalists who are doing fine. It's good to give everyone a fair chance in society and not only those who can afford it.

    Hugohunter Apr 10 '15, 7:40PM
  • Apparently I am libertarian (which I am not, f--- degeneracy), go back, change 2 questions, BOOM 90% fascist 80% libertarian.
    How can you be part fascist, part libertarian?
    bulls ---.

    oOO_Kinderrrr Mar 19 '14, 4:14PM
  • democractic socialist? excuse me??? i am in NO way in favor of spending large amounts of money on social programs. rated 1/10.

    attk Feb 12 '13, 10:40PM
  • It said I am a Libertarian.
    But my full name is Libertarian SOCIALIST. And yes people, you can be both;
    you can believe in a free market (just with the presentation of monopolies). And there are ALSO A DIFFERENCES BETWEEN SOCIALISM AND COMMUNISM BY HUGE STANDARDS.

    utopia2065 Jul 29 '12, 6:26PM
  • This is too funny!!! And a very amusing way to spend some time but please don't take the ratings on any of their quizzes to heart. After all, these are created by individuals with their own understanding of what political ideology you fall within and someone else's personal understanding can be more inaccurate than your own, especially if you are a prolific life-long history, economics and political science buff. I came in first place at Anarchist...which is actually correct and governs my ideology. However, when I see "Authoritarian" Capitalist and "Democratic Socialist" coming in at 2nd and 3rd...this quizz is indeed created by someone who is very confused as to the differences what capitalism and socialism (even so-called Democratic) are. The choices given are in some places also designed to box you in that may only in part explain your view. This is where the personal bias of the creator comes in. Laugh it off. It's fun anyway.

    sanspays Jun 23 '12, 7:19PM
  • fist time i take the quizz i get fascist second time Communist. i find this very stange.

    zigma Dec 8 '11, 10:26PM
  • Standard European Socialist.

    That' s all fine and dandy, but Anarchist came in second... I disagree.

    OneAndOnly Feb 4 '11, 9:03PM
  • You are the standard European socialist who believes that the government should spend large amounts of money on social welfare programs. You also believe that these social welfare programs are mandated by the people who vote in your ideal democratic government.
    I consider myself a liberal independant who leans more towards the left and while I like the ideals of socialism full socialism is just impractical, nonetheless good quiz.
    Interestingl y enough my second highest was Anarchist.

    Suureals12 Jul 20 '10, 2:18AM
  • Oh never mind it says I am a mix of Fascist/Communist and I guess that's right. I guess It just through me off when it said Fascist people hate Communist. And I happen to like Communism.

    ClayMan May 1 '10, 4:20PM
  • WTF???? Communist? Na, this thing is all screwed up!

    NunyaBizniz Mar 23 '10, 11:41PM
  • Watdaf---

    Ezdzit87 Mar 10 '10, 9:38AM
  • Communist

    TheRandomSpartan Mar 3 '10, 8:53PM
  • Technically, Anarchists DO believe in pure capitalism. Their structure is based off of private property and private business, and that is all capitalism is. I got Fascim and Communism. YAY! :)

    gishkiman Nov 5 '09, 7:33PM
  • *reads latest comment by me*

    appayipyip Aug 23 '09, 4:24PM
  • *reads latest comment by me*
    GREAT! What kind of bullcrap did I just say?!
    And by the way, this quiz was wrong. I'm neither of those two, just to clear the stupid air, and...WHAT THE HELL do SPARTANS have to do with this?!


    appayipyip Aug 23 '09, 4:20PM
  • Authoritarian Capitalist. You cannot be both authoritarian and capitalist. Fail.

    xhealingxhandsx Aug 16 '09, 3:08PM
  • This is written by someone who considers themself a Falangist, an ideology providing the backbone to the Fascist General Francisco Franco. I had no idea anyone still held such beliefs.

    You can tell too, especially in that last question. Sounds like Mussolini said it himself.

    Libertyman13 Jul 24 '09, 2:22PM
  • I always thought my style of government was more...Spartan, I guess...than any political party because I've heard of their government, and I'm similar.
    By the way my result was a tie between Fascist and Communist.
    (Aren't those guys political enemies?!)

    appayipyip Jun 3 '09, 3:06AM

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