Political Agenda

Find out what your political agenda is by taking this test. Possible outcomes are as followers: Capitalist, Communist, Socialst, And Anarchist. Discover if you hold the same beleifs of your political standing.

A great quiz to help you decide which political party you want to join. A good way to surprise your friends and learn more about their personal beleifs.

Created by: Garrett
  1. People with genetic diseases or disabilities should not be allowed to reproduce.
  2. Businesses need to be regulated to protect the enviroment, and generally uphold a good working enviroment.
  3. Ideal governments should have a powerful military.
  4. Governments should subsidize small farms, in order to ensure the world has plenty of food.
  5. People shouldin't have to pay taxes for government services they do not use, for instance, a married couple with no kids should not have to pay taxes on schools.
  6. The united state's economy would be better if businesses were generally small mom and pop stores, instead of huge corporations like Wal-Mart.
  7. The wars in iraq and afghanistan are necessary to prevent terrorism, and bring democracy to the middle east.
  8. Government and business should be one in same entity
  9. It was necessary and good for the united states to be WW2 to fight communism and promote capitalsim.
  10. People should rebel, rather than protest if their government is unjust.

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