Which Political Group Do You Belong to?

What is your political group? Typically political affiliations are coordinated with the three standard English classes, upper, middle, and lower. These are then often correlated with leftism, conservatism, and libertarianism.

Rather than measuring your political stance based solely off of an "isidewith" test, this quiz measures how you think. How should we be governed? Who has the right to govern us? Should we have an in group preference? How should we form law? What determines a rightful invasion? What do we own, and how much do we own it? Who are you and what do you believe? Take the test now to find out!

Created by: amazon
  1. Morality is...
  2. What is the purpose of government (assuming we need it)?
  3. Do we need government?
  4. Who do you support in the presidential election (for any reason)?
  5. Your country has a group of people who pose a major threat to your ideal way of life. How do you handle it?
  6. Do you have an in group preference?
  7. Which group do you identify with the most?
  8. Religion is...
  9. (My form of) Feminism is...
  10. What is more valuable, productivity or equality?
  11. "Make America Great Again" should refer to...
  12. The best way to solve the transgender bathroom issue is...
  13. Opinion on civic nationalism?
  14. We need to use some form of military intervention to take out ISIS, agree or disagree?
  15. Should we build a wall on the US-Mexican border?
  16. Democracy is a perversion of government.
  17. Pay reparations to blacks, agree or disagree?
  18. McCarthyism was...
  19. What should our immigration policy be?
  20. Do we have free will?
  21. A parasite...
  22. 1776 was...
  23. How should we be taxed?
  24. Choose your favorite philosopher.
  25. Is there a war on white people in the west?
  26. White male privilege exists and government should do something about it, agree or disagree?
  27. How important is your country's average intelligence?
  28. Where should law come from?
  29. Why do we have property?
  30. Patriotism is a good quality, agree or disagree?
  31. Plato or Aristotle?
  32. Diversity is our strength, agree or disagree?
  33. Altruism is...
  34. High trust + high IQ = Successful society, agree or disagree?
  35. War, what is it good for?
  36. The state is a...
  37. Favorite libertarian?
  38. Favorite leftist?
  39. Favorite conservative?
  40. What do you identify as?

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Quiz topic: Which Political Group do I Belong to?