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Welcome! This test is based off of the Political Compass test, current political issues, and Wikipedia. Most of the questions are taken from the Political Compass test, but rephrased to be less biased, and less vague. ALL of the answers have been handwritten, and composed of popular ideologies, so that as you read through each one, you are also exposed to opposing ideologies in a clearer, more thought-out manner. This is in the hopes of giving people a better understanding of their opponents, and maybe make them even rethink their positions on some issues. There may be some answers that will be wildly against what you believe, but other people do believe them, so please try to withhold your ire.

Neutral/Centrist is now also an option as a "third" party to both Liberalism and Conservatism, and Authoritarianism and Libertarianism. Many of the answers will contain combinations of several parties and ideologies, and are not all black and white. Unlike Political Compass, each answer is not of a "traditional" setting to one party or another, but follows the overlap of the current world. If you come across a question without a suitable answer, try to find the one you can best identify with. There also usually more neutral options, or options to skip some questions - the latter will not change your stats. For those curious, the creator of the test comes up as an almost dead-center Centrist on every issue. He leans slightly more to the left, and slightly more Libertarian.

Created by: Justin
  1. If economic globalization is inevitable, it should primarily serve small businesses and artists, rather than large, preexisting corporations.
  2. The current country you live in is superior to many others, and you would support it in most international issues. (Assumes Western heritage)
  3. Are you proud of your country, or to be from your country of origin?
  4. How do you view your race?
  5. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is a good saying.
  6. Should education/information be fused with entertainment?
  7. What divides people more?
  8. Which is more important to be controlled...
  9. Corporations should protect the environment, and require regulation to do so.
  10. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need" is a quote often attributed to Karl Marx, indicating an idyllic society wherein enough goods and services have been produced for everyone to live comfortably. It also implies that one would then only ever work in jobs that they desired.
  11. Are you disappointed in the fact that some water is bottled and sold?
  12. Is land a commodity? Should you be able to own property?
  13. How do you view most of the rich?
  14. How do you feel about taxing imports to protect your own economy?
  15. Should the rich be taxed more than 40% (based on the US taxation system)?
  16. Privatized healthcare, or socialized healthcare?
  17. Businesses that commit unethical practices should be penalized by the government.
  18. Should international conglomerates be restricted from setting up monopolies?
  19. Does the free market allow us all an equal chance at success?
  20. How do you feel about abortion?
  21. Should we question any authority?
  22. Man's first homogenized rule-set came from the Hammurabi Code. One of its mandates decreed, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."
  23. Should more artistic or historical locations/landmarks/monuments/establishments be preserved with taxpayer money, if they can't sustain themselves financially by consumers?
  24. Should classroom attendance be mandatory, pre-post-secondary?
  25. Is spanking a valid option for an unruly child (not the same as child abuse)?
  26. How much should children obey their parents, and tell the truth?
  27. Marijuana.
  28. Should school's main purpose be to help direct people's career choices, and help them find jobs out of school?
  29. Should people with serious inheritable disabilities be restricted from reproducing?
  30. Discipline and respect are two of the most important values.
  31. Are some cultures more "savage" than others?
  32. Should more "savage" cultures be restricted in having access to Western countries?
  33. Do you think that those who can work, but refuse the opportunity, should not receive welfare, or similar socioeconomic assistance?
  34. Can first-generation immigrants be fully integrated into a society?
  35. Is it good for everyone if corporations are doing well?
  36. Do find the encroachment of our freedom in the name of counter-terrorism unpleasant?
  37. How do you feel about a one-party state in a democratic political system?
  38. "If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear" is a popular saying among those who call for more civil surveillance to apprehend criminals, and counter terrorism. How do you feel?
  39. How do you feel about the death penalty?
  40. Civilized societies must always have some sort of hierarchy.
  41. How do you feel about abstract art?
  42. Would you prefer the justice system focus on punishment or rehabilitation?
  43. Can some criminals be immune to rehabilitation efforts?
  44. Is industry more important than art?
  45. Women as career-makers, or women as homemakers?
  46. Let's assume a multinational corporation is damaging the environment or exploiting it in a developing country. How do you feel?
  47. Is it maturity if one realizes that being a cog in the machine is sometimes okay and benefits everyone as a whole, and that the possibility to do other things also exists? (When one stops "raging against the machine")
  48. Religion is... (Assume Christianity here)
  49. Separate church and state?
  50. How do you feel about sex before marriage?
  51. Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt children?
  52. p---ography (of consenting adults) should be legal for adults?
  53. Are you born with a sexuality?
  54. What is transgenderism?
  55. Do you think modern society is too focused and open about sex?
  56. Hate speech is not free speech.
  57. Is feminism the only valid option for keeping men and women equal?
  58. Which of these combinations best describes your commonly viewed sources of news?
  59. Is there white or male privilege? (Assumes the West)
  60. BAMN and Antifa are...

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