Which Type of Classical Liberal are You?

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Do you want life, liberty and property, but lack a good starting point on how to achieve those things? If so, you have come to the right place, my friend!

This quiz should tell you what kind of classical liberal you are, whether a minarchist, anarchist, right-wing, left-wing, or what have you. Whatever you are, you should find out.

Created by: JeanLouisDavid
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  1. Are you a minarchist (one who believes in minimal government) or an anarchist (one who doesn't believe in any coercive authority)?
  2. Do you consider yourself left-wing, right-wing, or centrist?
  3. In general, poor people and minorities have been given every chance to succeed; those who haven't have only themselves to blame.
  4. "Capitalism" is synonymous with "free market."
  5. National borders are simply imaginary lines; therefore, there should be no restrictions on immigration.
  6. In an ideal society, all current forms of taxation would be replaced with a single tax on the value of the land one possesses.
  7. People should participate in untaxed, unregulated economic activity in order to slowly starve the state of its resources.
  8. Power, by its very nature, corrupts; therefore, because the state is made up of people, the state must be abolished.
  9. There can never be any sort of "night-watchman state," because anyone who is given power over others will inevitably seek to expand it.
  10. The primitive life, which is marked by superstition and collectivism, can only be cured by Western Civilization, which will bring with it reason and capitalism.
  11. Not only will discrimination and segregation exist in an ideal society, they are absolutely essential to it.
  12. Because people are flawed, the state must exist to ensure they do not harm one another.
  13. I consider myself to be part of the libertarian movement.
  14. A truly, radically freed market would be mostly or entirely made up of cooperatives and self-employed individuals, not corporations or hierarchal businesses.
  15. Ownership of natural resources such as land must be established through something more substantial than just claiming it, such as by paying rent to the community or by simply occupying and using it consistently.

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