Political Quiz from a Marxist Leninist Perspective

This quiz is from a Marxist Leninist perspective. I do not consider anyone that is Right of State Capitalism, Left Wing. I also do not consider Anarchism Left Wing.

This quiz is measured Left to Right: Far Left being Marxism Leninism/Communism, Far Right being Fascism and Anarchism. Other ideologies include from Left to Right: Socialism, State Capitalism, Welfare Statism, Regulated Capitalism, Free Market Capitalism, and Imperialism/Neoliberalism.

Created by: chriscommie69
  1. What should be the dominant ruling force?
  2. How much of the economy should be state owned?
  3. The dictatorship should belong to who?
  4. Should there be a Vanguard Party used to bring about a Revolution?
  5. The rich control the government behind the scenes.
  6. Under no pretext shall the workers be disarmed.
  7. Gun control?
  8. Wages
  9. Abolish the government
  10. Social issues are rooted in class struggle.
  11. Socialism exists in the world today, and the Soviet Union was real Socialism.
  12. Is the Democratic Party Left Wing?

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