What Kind of Marxist are you?

What Kind of Marxist are you? Is a quiz I created to help people who are maybe new to Marxism and are confused or disoriented by all the sectarianism of Marxist political theories.

Even though I am showing you the diversity of this grand school of thought, the only way we will ever accomplish anything is through unity. Anarchists, Leninists, Trots, Maoists, Markets Socialists and Left Coms are all my comrades.

Created by: Comrade Mason
  1. Revolution should be
  2. The Revolution should be led by
  3. Communism is
  4. Socialism should be led by
  5. The Leader or Theorist I most Support is
  6. The revolution I would have most supported is
  7. The USSR was dissolved because of...
  8. At the split of the First International Working Men's association I would have sided with...
  9. The Fourth International had legitimate criticisms of the Soviet System
  10. During the Russian Revolution I would have sided with
  11. If I were to join a political party or movement I would look for the tagline

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Marxist am I?