Economic Geography

"An Economic Geographer considers history of place coupled with solid research and statistical methodology to solve complex problems in economic development. Geniuses possess extraordinary synthesis abilities and quite often propose an original view."

"Are YOU an Economic Geography genius? Do you possess historical, geographic and economic knowledge? Let's see if you have the stuff to earn the highly coveted title of Economic Geography genius!

Created by: Ed

  1. What is NOT part of the Five Stages of Development?
  2. What is the dominant occupation in Washington, DC?
  3. The U.S. belongs to which stage of the Demographic Transition?
  4. What countries are called the Four Asian Tigers?
  5. What Asian country has had the most economic influence of the region?
  6. Which relationship is NOT adversarial?
  7. Which is the INCORRECT country and prefecture?
  8. What is NOT one of the Four Major Components of the Location Decision?
  9. What is NOT an "Economic Tool" in development?
  10. Agglomeration considers all of the following EXCEPT:

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