How well do you know Geography?

Are you smart at advanced Geography? Take this unofficial test to see if you have what it takes to become a Geography Master. Geography is where you are and where everyone else in the world is and how they are all different.

If you don't know much about it, it's always fun encouraging people to learn about it, there are already too much people that don't know where to find their country on a map so try to look like the smart one. :) There are many different branches of Geography: teacher, cartography, human geography, physical geography, and computer map drawing.

Created by: Aaron
  1. What is the Capital of Germany?
  2. What countries are located in the Fergana Valley?
  3. A language that uses the cyrillic alphabet is
  4. The city of Antananarivo is located in
  5. A cymbaly is
  6. What number is "Dva" in Russian
  7. What country was in most of ancient Mesopotamia?
  8. The largest French island is
  9. A country that practices Buddhism is
  10. The first people in Central Australia were the

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Geography?