Grand Master Geography

Geography is a forgotten subject in the public schools and yet a good understanding of geography is essential to being a citizen of the increasingly globalized world we live in.

You don't want to be another victim of Jay Leno's "Jay Walking" do you? Or another statistic of remedial public education where students can't even find the United States on a map? Take this quiz and see if you are a world class geography genius.

Created by: David Berryman
  1. Located in Namibia, this port was once an enclave of South Africa.
  2. Greenland is governed by which European country?
  3. The Cisalpine Republic was located within the borders of which modern country?
  4. Which of the following is was never under British rule?
  5. Which direction can you travel from Detroit and not reach Canada?
  6. Which city is further north?
  7. Which of the following doesn't belong?
  8. Mount Pinatubo is located on what island?
  9. If the Arctic icecap melted, sea levels would rise approximately...
  10. Thailand,Myanmar,and Sri Lanka were once known as:
  11. A red circle on a white field is the flag of Japan. A red circle on a green field is the flag of...
  12. The Indian-Pacific railroad is located in which country?
  13. Which of the following is not a lake in Africa?
  14. Which European language is most widely spoken in Gabon?
  15. The War of the Pacific was fought by which countries?
  16. Which of the following is not the names of a sea?
  17. A wall built across this country is named for the Roman emperor Hadrian.
  18. True or False: The jet-stream generally flows from east to west.
  19. Hibernia is the Roman name for this island:
  20. Which country has been an independent nation the longest?

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