The World Geography Quiz

"World Geography, as it may seem is not a hard subject. Knowing a lot of things inside a country, is an interesting hobby. Being a world geography whiz is cool; if you go to other countries you'll not be ignorant of such things there, because you're already a whiz!"

"Are you a World Geography whiz? Do you have what it takes to be a wielder of complex knowledge of all the places here on earth? You'll find out everything after you've taken this quiz."

Created by: reymart sarigumba
  1. What country has a former name "Formosa"?
  2. Which of these countries is "land-locked"?
  3. What country has an area with approximately 3 million ?
  4. Which of these countries has the largest number of catholic believers?
  5. Which of these countries is the poorest in Africa?
  6. Which of these countries is the smallest?
  7. Which of these countries is "agriculture-dependent economy"?
  8. What is the former capital city of Brazil?
  9. Which country in Africa can be located the "second largest mountain in the world"?
  10. Which country can be located the "highest waterfall in the world"?

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