Cat anatomy quiz

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Ever want to test ur cat knowledge well come here and test ur skills on the feline companions. This is to test ur knowledge on cats and to see how much y'know about them.

This quiz has some easy questions and some are very tricky let's see what the cat gods think of u and ur power of wisdom on them. Paws paws paws pass.

Created by: Zimswife
  1. What do cats walk on?
  2. What are cats able to do that no other animal can?
  3. How many pads do cats have on their paws?
  4. What are whiskers used for?
  5. How many bpm does a cats heart beat?
  6. What is the deadliest illness to cats?
  7. When do cats shed the most?
  8. What is a cats normal body temperature?
  9. How many bones do cats possess?
  10. How many muscles does it take to control the cats ear?
  11. How many teeth does a adult cat own?
  12. How many body types are their for cats?
  13. What noise does a cat make?

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