Picky or non picky eater?

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Do you ever feel intense distress if you can't have the certain foods you like? Feel like you only like a handful of different types of foods? Feel awkward at meal times around people? Try this quiz to see how much pickiness u obtain in your life.

It's ok to be a picky eater just as long as you don't let it control you to much. Everyone has their own specific taste buds in certain things and that's alright but don't let it make or break your day!

Created by: Zimswife
  1. Do you hate when food touches each other?
  2. Do you look up the menu before you go out to eat?
  3. Do you have to have your food from a certain brand?
  4. Do you hate when others make food for you?
  5. Do you have to make up excuses evolving food often?
  6. Do you refuse to try new foods?
  7. Do you judge food based on smell or appearance?
  8. Do you constantly eat the same foods?
  9. Do you refuse to eat a order that got messed up?
  10. Do you prefer to starve than eat something gross to you?
  11. Do you like more than ten different foods?
  12. Do you have to have the same amount of food every time you eat?
  13. Do you judge people often on what they eat?
  14. Do you like to be creative with food often?
  15. Do you refuse what you cook or bake for others?
  16. Do you only stick to certain textures of food?
  17. Do you order off the kids menu more than the adult menu?
  18. Do you only like a handful or less of restaurants?
  19. Do you feel scared of losing your favorite foods?
  20. Do you like trying different flavors of the same food?
  21. Do you lose appetite if it's something you don't enjoy to eat?
  22. Do you remember all the foods you need while shopping?
  23. Do you waste food if it's something not to your liking?
  24. Do you have certain rituals about food in general?
  25. Do you feel like you're a picky eater or do people tell you you're one often?

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