Gormet, Gourmound or the loser wid potato chips?

Food. Food is one thing we take for granted in our lives...well mostly... but we often forget the effort and thought put into it by the person behind it. This quiz is a test of those efforts and how far you would actually go. Cooking...is an art....Its therapy.Good food is relaxing. Comforting. So do you really appreciate the art of cooking? Or would you rather not cook but be presented by one delicious meal after the other?

So do you have what it takes to win a cooking contest? Are you creative enough to experiment in the kitchen? Or do you need directions for the kitchen at your place because youve rarely been there...ever. Would you rather prepare the meal, enjoy the meal or just keep sitting ryte where you are and ask "Doesnt this pack of chips count as a meal?". Are You the next Masterchef in the making? Are the next Judge at the International cooking Contest? Or will you be sitting home and watching this on tv....?Find Out..!

Created by: Khyxer
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  1. 1 Fried egg Sunny side up!
  2. "Sudden guests?! They'll stay for dinner?!......"
  3. Pick one:
  4. "A bring A dish" get-together. You bring:
  5. "You know i had some of Petty's Strawberry cheesecake... Its just out of this world!...."
  6. Cooking shows:
  7. The Kitchen:
  8. Magazine adver: Cooking Contest. send in the recipes. Winner gets $500 and a lifetime subscription to Good food magazine!
  9. Devour is similar in meaning with...
  10. How many names do you recognize: Gary Rhodes, Delia Smith, Nigella Lawson, Betty Crocker, James Martin, Jamie Oliver, Ainsley.
  11. Rate your Cooking skills.1 lowest 10 highest.
  12. The first thing You notice/think about when something that looks scrumptious is put in front of you?
  13. Did You Have a good time taking this quiz? Did You like the questions?

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