Autism Spectrum Quiz

Welcome to this Autism Spectrum Quiz. This quiz is not a diagnostic tool, and was made by an autistic person to give an experience based test on autism as many online autism tests are behavioral.

This quiz was not made by a mental health professional, and was only to provide another opinion based on the lived experience that one may have with being autistic.

Created by: Gee

  1. Do you have another neurological disorder such as ADHD, OCD, etc?
  2. I am physically hyper/hyposensitize towards sounds that most people aren’t.
  3. I am physically hyper/hyposensitive to touch, texture, or other stimuli of that nature that most people aren’t.
  4. I am physically hyper/hyposensitive to smells that most people aren’t.
  5. I am physically hyper/hyposensitive to visual stimuli that most people aren’t.
  6. I feel intense happiness, anger, sadness, etc in response to small things.
  7. I experience a strong emotional reaction in response to specific sounds. (ex: chewing, throat clearing, coughing)
  8. I have a hard time eating foods such as vegetables/fruits because they can have different tastes/textures each time.
  9. I tend to prefer to wear the same clothes over and over again because it gives me a sense of predictability.
  10. I tend to prefer to eat the same foods over and over again because it gives me a sense of predictability.
  11. I often notice the smaller details before noticing the bigger picture. (Literal or Figuratively)
  12. I often experience feelings of panic, frustration, or other strong emotions when overstimulated.
  13. I am often in a neutral/flat mood.
  14. I often have the strong urge/involuntarily repeat words or phrases out of context during a conversation.
  15. I am nonverbal all the time or become nonverbal in specific situations.
  16. I am over/under expressive with my face.
  17. I am very talkative or very quiet depending on the situation.
  18. I have been told that I am being too loud/quiet when I don’t think that I am.
  19. I become intensely happy to the point where others may describe my behavior as childlike or immature.
  20. I have a strict routine that when interrupted I become anxious, stressed, upset, angry, etc.
  21. I do not become upset, anxious, stressed or emotional when spontaneous plans are made.
  22. I have an object that I take everywhere that provides me a sense of comfort/security.
  23. I need play with fidget toys, rock myself, or fidget in other ways to regulate myself or help myself focus.
  24. My tolerance of specific sensory stimuli can change daily.
  25. I have intense, long term interests in which I want to learn everything about the thing and talk about it all the time, which some may describe as obsessions.
  26. I am often misunderstood by those around me.
  27. I find the way that others around me communicate to be unnatural to me.
  28. I find it hard to imagine what its like to be somebody else.
  29. I have always felt like I am different from those around me and like everyone communicates and gets along very well except for me.
  30. I often consciously or subconsciously pick up on the behaviors of others and display them myself even if they don’t feel natural.
  31. I have found that many people do not like me when I am being my authentic self.
  32. I am called annoying when being my authentic self.
  33. I become anxious when I am given vague instructions.
  34. I often find it difficult or unnatural to describe my emotions and talk about my feelings.
  35. Others often believe that I am in a bad mood when I am not.
  36. I am often the last to get the joke.
  37. I have trouble understanding the tone of things being said to me.
  38. I feel the need to over explain things to avoid being misunderstood.
  39. I always understand when it is the right place and time to say something.
  40. I fully understand the meaning behind phrases such as “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and why they are used the way they are.
  41. I am often told that I have said/done something rude/inappropriate when I did not intend to or know that it was wrong.
  42. I have positive physical reactions to certain stimuli such as music.
  43. I often go on long rants about things I’m passionate about where others cannot get a word in.
  44. I become quickly emotionally attached to people/things.
  45. I often lean on things while standing/sitting.
  46. I am hyper/hypo empathetic.
  47. I prefer to work by myself over working with others.
  48. I sometimes have a big ego and believe that I am the smartest person in the room.
  49. I found that after puberty my unique traits began to become more obvious.
  50. I am very honest.
  51. I have a strong sense of justice.
  52. I grew up diagnosed with another disorder such as ADHD and found that others with that disorder did not completely relate to me.

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