How Indian Are You? (in England)?

Being Indian... Sometimes good ... Sometimes bad. The over-obsessive parents lecturing you about A*, the constant intruding of private and personal things and the embarrassment of it all! We say these things are just stereotypes... But truly, these are the things that make you Indian!!

***Ever wondered what living in England can do to an Indian? Find out if you're parents did a good job of indianing you out. If you're not Indian, just take the test anyway to see for fun. Let's see how Indian you are by doing this quiz...***

Created by: Kalpita
  1. Do you eat meat?
  2. Do you know who Shah Rukh Khan is?
  3. Do your parents collect coupons?
  4. Are you wearing any gold at the moment?
  5. Have you ever been to an Indian wedding?
  6. Do your parents let you keep a boy/girlfriend?
  7. Do you know what a bhindi is?
  8. Does your mum shop at 3 different supermarkets for different items to buy it where it is cheapest?
  9. Are you in the highest maths group at school?
  10. Do you know what 'thumbs up' is?
  11. Do you know anyone with the last name Patel or Singh?
  12. Do you keep in touch with your dads cousins children?
  13. Do you have family in Southall, Wembly, Leicester or Hounslow?
  14. Have you ever accidentally eaten with your hands in public?
  15. Aapke Hindi Janthahai?
  16. How many Bollywood actors/actresses can you name?
  17. Do you have a cousin who wants to be black?
  18. Does your dad get angry easily?
  19. Is your mum a housewife?
  20. Do you automatically take your shoes off before entering someones house?
  21. Does your mum rush to colour her hair before get togethers?
  22. Do you listen to R & B?

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Quiz topic: How Indian am I? (in England)?