The Sad Person Test

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How sad are you? Find out in this reasonably sad but truely exciting quiz which will truly reveal your secret level of sadness. Once and for all. No going

back. Go on. Try it. Please. I'll pay you? In lollipops? C'mon. That's the spirit. Start! START! GO! C'MON! LET'S MOVE HERE! Umm... You click the button to start...

Created by: anorak
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  1. Do you own an anorak?
  2. ... with five or more pockets?
  3. ... Does one of them contain an A-Z?
  4. Do you wear glasses?
  5. Are they mended with Sellotape, fishing line, or epoxy?
  6. Have you tried to grow a beard?
  7. ... and failed?
  8. ... because you are female?
  9. Have you worn the same pair of trainers for more than two years?
  10. Have you worn sandals with socks?
  11. Are your jean turn ups more than four inches high?
  12. Do people look at you and laugh?
  13. Have you used a computer ?
  14. Have you owned more than three home computers?
  15. ... Was one of them a ZX81? (Which you built yourself?)
  16. Have you ever had a Casio Calculator watch?
  17. Have you ever got into and argument about whether C was better than Modula 2 or Pascal?
  18. Do you collect old computing magazines for the nostalgic adverts (e.g., the Sinclair QL)?
  19. Can you pronounce GIF, LATEX, JPEG, & SCSI?
  20. ... Do you care?
  21. Have you ever deliberately crashed a computer?
  22. Do you have an email address, and prefer it to the phone?
  23. Do you offer your email address to people before your name?
  24. Have you ever joined electronic chatline called "HotSex" (or similar) and discovered that all the "women" chatting were really men pretending to be women?
  25. ... Were you one of them?
  26. Do you hold conversations in jargon?
  27. ... with Acronyms/Abbreviations?
  28. ... in C/Pascal/Assembly language?
  29. Do you shout "NUKE 'EM!" in Lemmings?
  30. Have you played more than three versions of Tetris?
  31. Have you ever been Elite?
  32. Are you waiting for the virtual reality game of "Leisure Suit Larry"?
  33. Do you sometimes play computer games for more than three hours a day?
  34. ... more than six hours?
  35. ... whilst asleep/eating/in the bath?
  36. Have you ever had more than thirty computer games at any one time?
  37. ... More than 100?
  38. Do you get ever so upset if someone knocks you off the high score table?
  39. Do you buy computer game hint magazines?
  40. Do you want to buy a Sega Megadrive?
  41. Do you know what R.P.G. stands for?
  42. Do you know what these are: PC, NPC, FRPG, GURPS, THAC0?
  43. Do you own more than one RPG?
  44. Do you own a d20?
  45. Do you own more than 100 dice?
  46. Do you own a d100?
  47. Have you ever played an RPG by yourself because no one else turned up?
  48. Have you ever played an RPG by yourself because no one else turned up?

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