My Awsome Test HARD

Do you think your the msartest person alive? Take this Test to find out.Do you deserve to have a "SMARTEST PERSON EVER" award? Only taking MY quiz can answer this.

You think you're the msartest person ever, but once you take my test, few WOULD be! My Test is PURE GENIUS! I get you'll fail on your test! Or will you. I was sleepy when I made this, but that's why there's only 11 questions and not like eightteeen

Created by: Mary

  1. What's more deadly, Hippo, or Alligator?
  2. How fast can a Hippo run on land?
  3. How do u say Monday in Spanish?
  4. What color is xanthosis?
  5. What is the scientific name 4 toes?
  6. What's the 2nd in command wolf called?
  7. How many bones r in the body?
  8. How many tissues are there in the body?
  9. Which Ones of These IS a tissue?
  10. BONUS: What creature has 4 legs in the morning 2 at noon 3 in the evening & the more legs it has the weak it is What am I?
  11. How old wuz Albert Enstein when he wuz began 2 start talking

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