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  • Wrong I'm not sad.........but I do have to pee

    Jazzypoo Mar 15 '16, 12:55PM
  • And I'm not kiddin don't come around me if ura nerd/geek I don't know or want to know wtf your terminology is so leave me ALONE don't come near me!

    Jazzy298 Jan 1 '16, 3:31AM
  • Hey I know what the RPG rocket launcher is! Can I blow you up u sound like a nerd/geek.

    Jazzy298 Jan 1 '16, 3:27AM
  • 9%sad ya awsome cool fun true
    1. say your name
    2. do your chores
    3.ha ... JK don't do this

    doglovergirl Dec 13 '15, 11:00AM
  • 20% sad, but the writer is the truly sad one. They're the one that knows all that geek terminology and nerdy acronyms.

    persephone329 Aug 9 '15, 6:05AM
  • I'm 40 percent, I do socks with sandels I don't like showing my toes in flip flops! And I have computer issues all the time, and yes I do love a guy called Mario Rossi, can't help it it's rather sad but that's love. Angela Kaperonis x

    Ange Kaperonis Apr 5 '15, 7:34PM
  • 44% sad....i am definately more than that....

    Tess Gillett Oct 7 '14, 12:16PM
  • Lol if you put yes for all of the questions you get 100% sad haha

    Minecrafter108 May 22 '14, 11:01PM
  • i am unreal apparently i go 7% sad
    wow this is wierd

    nonojackson101 May 13 '14, 12:19PM
  • soooooo..... sad! :-(

    onedirection123 Mar 16 '14, 5:35PM
  • omg this is a piece of crap!!!! soooooo.....


    onedirection123 Mar 16 '14, 5:32PM
  • umm LAMO this should be called R U a nerd!!!!!

    keznya Oct 23 '13, 1:56PM
  • This quiz made no sense.... WHAT DOES SCI-FI STUFF HAVE TO DO WITH BEING SAD ANYWAY!?!? ._. I woulda thought you would've asked suicide, depression, cutting and all questions, not sci-fi crap -_-

    Vocaloid Sep 11 '12, 6:39PM
  • This quiz is STUPID. You guys should check out my quiz called "Should your name be CarL?"

    CarL53 Apr 6 '12, 2:02PM
  • I am 69% sad.
    I was the beard girl..

    Ahahaha but, that was absolutely hilarius. It still wouldn't be a waste of time if it took a couple of hours for me to complete.

    Awwwyeah Feb 26 '12, 9:18AM
  • Look, I don't understand why some people say "I wasted my time.." and "I want {number} minutes of my life back!" If, say, this quiz took 5 minutes to finish, how would someone keep on continuing the quiz if it would just be wasting their time? In other words, how did you comment and say that if you didn't even want to take it in the first place?
    Rant over.

    AllHailLelouch Feb 3 '12, 12:31PM
  • Worst quiz ever. i took this once. i want my 3 mins back

    Darkwolfe Jan 19 '12, 4:36AM

    Zia Blackwood Dec 21 '11, 5:00PM
  • just wasted 3 minutes of my life that I can't get back. :(

    TypicalCaliGirl Nov 9 '11, 1:04AM
  • wow..........? uhm having all that stupid new or watever stuff dont make you happy juss sayin..

    HPFreak123567 Oct 21 '11, 10:22PM
  • Really boring if you ask me. This was a @#%&* waste of my@#%&* time! @#%&*!!!!!

    Kowalskirox Jul 13 '11, 7:12AM
  • i had no idea what you were talkin about.... and you said you were gonna pay me in lolipops where the hell are my lolipops pay up :P

    hannah3858 Jun 25 '11, 2:31PM

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