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  • I miss her...
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    "just checkin"
  • hullo?
    "yeah i guess thanks @pretender"
  • hullo?
    "im not ghetto though lol im a goooood girl, especially coz im white"
  • hullo?
    "oh okay so yall the rish kids or something?....coz i go to public and its like ghetto"
  • hullo?
    "its cool i believe you gabriel :)"
  • hullo?
    "if i dont respond back means i left coz the bell rong and im going to my next period.....cant wait!!!! have class with my crush!!!!!"
  • hullo?
  • hullo?
    "how is this gona prove ur not brian?"
  • hullo?
    "no no i know i was just joking dont have to lose ur temper...i swear brian loses it a lot cant say a joke coz he already yelling"
  • hullo?
    "you told me! and btw i have orofiles saying im isabella sometimes people call me that so probably u talking about the same person"
  • hullo?
  • hullo?
    "okay brian no wait sorry! i mean gabriel..."
  • hullo?
    "you guyss talk soooo weird sometimes dont get what yall talking about"

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