Rapper Or Rocker

well if you are a tru gangsta and want to be a rapper then you will kno what to put jus give it a SHOT...niggas jus do like you would on tha streets you kno the tru answers

if you rly want to be a hard azz rocker then you will kno wat to put and wat not o put jus Cut in to it...rocker punks jus do like you would in your rich house hold and you will find your self

Created by: Daniel of myspace duh
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you write lyric or play an instrument
  2. Do you carry a gun or a guitar pick
  3. Are you straight, gay or bi
  4. Do you like hoes,skanks,or both
  5. are you black,white,hispanic,or other
  6. How do you dress
  7. are you tall,skinny,fat,short
  8. are you religous
  9. do you smoke weed or sale it
  10. ever shot someone

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