are you really a hardcore metalist? really?

this is just because im new here and i want people to know what kind of person i am and whos like me...people ALMOST like me well i like reading comments so just tell me what you think

Are you a wana be? do you even care when people talk about you? welll dont answer this cause i dont care but take my quiz to know if you are just like me or close....maybe better

Created by: isabel611

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is your gender
  2. do you care if your partner doesnt like your taste in music?
  3. do you dance?
  4. what are your two favorite colors?
  5. are you interested in men,women, both or none im just a saint?
  6. whats you favorite type of music?
  7. which of these bands do you know?
  8. whats your favorite hobby?
  9. whos your heroe?
  10. do you care if someone starts rumors about you?

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Quiz topic: Am I really a hardcore metalist? really?