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This is a quiz about lyrics and songs. There is some Pop, Rap, and Alot of heavy Metal and or rock. Hope you enjoy this quiz because it was hard work to make this.

Comment, Share , and Rate. Dont forget to comment on my taste in music in the comments, please be nice about it. Feel free to share your fav bands or what your listening to in the comments. I appreciate all my fans who enjoy my quizzes, thanks for the encouragement and kindness.

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Guess the song.... Every time we lie awake after every hit we take, its this feeling that I get but I havent missed you yet. Every roomate kept awake by every sigh and scream we make, it this feeling that I get, but I still dont miss you yet. Only when I stop to think about it......
  2. Guess the song.... When he holds you in his arms tonight, It just wont feel right cuz I can love you more than this. When he lays you down I might just die inside. It just dont feel right.
  3. Complete the lyrics.... Turn up the music cuz my song just came on....
  4. Who is the group or peron who sings this song.... (Sorry in advance to guys taking this quiz.) My friends say Im a fool to think that your the one for me. I guess I am just a sucker for love, love. But, honestly the truth is that you know Ill never leave ya, cuz your my angel sent from above, above. Baby u can do no wrong, my money is yours give you the world because I love ya, Love Ya....
  5. What is Tygas current hit song?
  6. What is the song that goes like this, hint it was in the sorceerers apprentice movie,.. I need another story, something to get off my chest. My life gets kinda boring neeed something that I can confess. Til all me sleeves are stained red from all the truth that Ive said come by it honestly I swear.....
  7. Who is the girl singer who has a catchy one hit and gained her fame thanks to Justin Beiber?
  8. Which one of the followin bands has a album called Awake and Alive?
  9. Which of the following bands has a song called, One?
  10. Which Eminem song is also part of the sountrack for a movie of the same name?
  11. Whisch band has a song called Party Rock Anthem?
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  13. I also have a question to ask, how is my taste in music? Tell me in the comments and please be nice about it.

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