How well do you know your 2011 songs?

Alot of people like music, some even say they love it. Music is not just huming to the tune but knowing the words to go along with it. To know the latest 2011 music would take only a Music Genius! Who would have such talent ????

Are YOU a music genius? Do you have what it takes to know the lyrics of all the latest songs of 2011? Until now you would have had no idea but thanks to this quiz in just a few short minutes you will find out if you know the lyrics to the popular songs of 2011!!!!

Created by: Rosey98
  1. "When we danced on ________" - Katy Perry.
  2. "Today I dont feel like doin _____" -Bruno Marz.
  3. "Party Rockers in the_____ tonight" -L.M.F.A.O
  4. "Never mind I'll find someone like you, I was nothing but the______ For you." - Adele
  5. " Cause I see sparks fly whenever you______" - Taylor Swift
  6. "I will fight you ______, Make it right." - Justin Bieber
  7. "Tik Tock on the clock, but the _____ Dont stop no." - Ke$ha
  8. "Cause I'd Catch a Grenade For ya, Throw my head on a ______ For ya" - Bruno Marz
  9. "Boy I think about it every night and day, I'm addicted and i just cant get_______" - Black eyed peas.
  10. One last Question- Did you enjoy this quiz ? If you did please please please rate and comment! Cya around :)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my 2011 songs?