Do You Know Your 2011 Songs ?

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There are different kind of people . So I hope you don't take the results seriously . Sorry for wrong spelling mistakes and errors. Keep The Music Up.

Are you a 2011-a-holic music ? If you are then this quiz is for you . Woot Woot. Hope you pass. Some songs might not be from 2011 so , I am so sorry. Keep it up

Created by: Taylor
  1. Party Rock: Everybody just have a ____ time ?
  2. Man Down: I need to get out of sight before I end up behind ___.
  3. Moment 4 Life: Cause I'm still hood, ______ couldn't change me.
  4. I'm Into You:I'm fallin for you baby, I need a ___
  5. 21st Century: I'm the type of chick that likes to _____ that beat.
  6. Baby:Oh, for you I would have done ________
  7. Tik Tok:Wake up in the _____, feeling like P-Diddy.
  8. Only Girl: Want you to ___ me.
  9. FireWork: Do You Ever Feel Like A Plastic ___.
  10. Dynamite: I Throw my hands up in the ___ sometimes saying AaaOoohh.

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my 2011 Songs ?