Do You Know The Songs On My Ipod?

I have 52 songs on my ipod. that doesn't seem like much, i know. these songs are just the ones that stick out most in my mind. either that or i just can't find them in itunes.

Do you know the songs on my ipod? some of them are rarely heard by others. i wanna see if you like the songs that i like or the songs that you know and i like. take my quiz and find out how much you know.

Created by: Actress97

  1. Finish the lyrics: I don't know what I'm doin here, how i landed in this space, but (david archuleta)
  2. I kissed a girl and i liked it! (katy perry)
  3. You've got ur dumb friends. i know what they say. they tell you im difficult
  4. Pretty, Pretty please, don't ypu ever, ever feel like (p!nk)
  5. You would not believe ur eyes (owl city)
  6. Nobody wants to be the last one there (nickelback)
  7. Name that artist: And who do you thing you are, runnin round leavin' scars (jar of hearts)
  8. OOooh! We're halfway there (livin on a prayer)
  9. Everybody gets the itch; everybody hates that (poison ivy)
  10. Leave no stone unturned, leave ur fears behind (if today was ur last day)
  11. thanks for taking my quiz! second to last question: what kind of ipod do i have?
  12. last question: what color is it?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know The Songs On My Ipod?