Which Ipod App are you??

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There are many apps for the Ipod and Iphone from Ibooks to deer Hunter the wide selection is bound to keep you entertained without fail, till your parents go "Tea time" and your like -_-

Soooo you wanna know which Ipod/Iphone app you are well I have selcted the following... Dino Rush Angry Birds Doodle Jump Cut the rope Good luck hope you get the result you want ;)

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. Which sounds best to you??
  2. The Colour question, Pick one
  3. How long do you spend on Your Ipod/Iphone??
  4. Which Place sounds best to you??
  5. Do you like Dinos??
  6. Do you like Birds??
  7. Do you like suprises??
  8. Do you like Jumping??
  9. Do you eat alot of fruit??
  10. Do you like to destroy stuff??
  11. Do you like sweets??
  12. Done :D

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Quiz topic: Which Ipod App am I??