How well do u kno ur lyrics?

if you are wanting to take this quiz you will find out how much of the music that you know who knows though you may just get a zero OR MAYBE YOU'LL GET A 100 c wut ur score is

in this quiz you will need to know mostly alternative, pop, rock, punk, and electronica music, also you will need to know the lyrics to songs and the name of them

Created by: ashtrid
  1. name that song: baby, i think i owe u 1 evry time u come around ur ready for the letdown
  2. finish: shoulda told u that i fell in luv cuz u picked me up threw me around and now
  3. name the band: hey is anybody out there im freaking out, im freaking out (song name is: is anybody out there
  4. name the song: come one, come all ur just in time to witness my first breakdown cuz there the mild cause for every minute pass when im stuck in this town
  5. what band sings the songs: everything i ask for kiss and sell we roll along whoever she is
  6. finish: it nine in the afternoon ur eyes r the size of the ______
  7. what band sings the songs: whisperer the hider moments between sleep past praying for clocks
  8. what band sings: shake that bubble
  9. what band is from canada, sings hello and bring 'em out, and was featured in the remake of yours mine and ours
  10. wut band have had 2 lead singers so far, sings the hit just the girl and jenny, and has a movie where 3 of them were kidnapped
  11. name that song: powerlines went out i am all alone i dont realy care at all not anwering my fone
  12. finish: cuz when ur only 18, and u got nothin to lose, & ur livin a dream the ___________
  13. fill in blanks: academy is's member ____ was in a music video before _____ of cobra starship was in cobra starship
  14. finish: dear henrietta we hav no flowers______
  15. out of all who's ur fav?

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