Think you know music? Finish these lyrics..

There are many smart people, and very few geniuses but its okay if you're not one of them everybody's not music genius and at least you took you're time and gave this quiz a shot :)

Are YOU a genius?? thanks to this quiz you now know if you are music material or not and you now know you're songs not everyone is a music genius, but you my friend are the Champion!!!

Created by: Emy

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  1. Finish these lyrics: Baby what are we becoming it feels just like were always running....
  2. Finish these lyrics: Whenever you need me, whenever you want me you know you can call me.....
  3. Finish these lyrics: Billie Jean is not my lover...
  4. Finish these lyrics: If you feel you're sinking I will jump right over..
  5. Finish these lyrics: Your on the phone with your girlfriend shes upset shes going off about something that you said..
  6. Finish these lyrics: I'm tryna put you in the worst mood ah, P1 cleaner then your church shoes ah
  7. Finish these lyrics: Wish we could turn back time to the good old days when our mama sang us to sleep but now
  8. Finish these lyrics: You say you love me but you know you're gonna love me to leave
  9. Finish these lyrics: Hello, I'm really glad you picked up your phone I had to tell you, baby I was so wrong for thinking you were something I could ever do without thought everything I wanted was in this town but you were all that I needed all along it took me long enough but..
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