Who sings the following lyrics?

We all listen to music, right? We all listen to a variaty of music, whether you're a goth or punk and we all memorize the lyrics without even realizing it.

This quiz is one of the most easiest quizzes that have been made. Anyone can get a full score but are you one of those people? Give the quiz a try and find out if you are.

Created by: TayuyaTerra

  1. What is love?If you're not here with me. What is love? If you're not really sure?
  2. I'll never be big enough to pay your do's but I keep trying, and you just keep making me jump through hoops.
  3. My city,my city,my city, I love my city?
  4. No flex zone. They're know better?
  5. You only see what your eyes want to see. How can life be what you want it to be, you're frozen?
  6. Every single night. Every single day. Imma do my Thang. Imma do my Thang. So don't you worry bout me ,Imma be ok?
  7. You got me sippin' on something. I can't compare to nothing?
  8. She, she ain't real. She ain't gon' be able to love you like I will?
  9. Do you miss me ? Am I crazy? Am I loosing hope of your love baby? Either you want me or you don't?
  10. Push me to the floor. I won't give up until I'm begging you for more?

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