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~READ THIS~ Hey Firey_Soul, you can't quit on writing! : I know I know, I always have writers block and maybe you do need to listen to some music to get that certain inspiration. So that's why I'm typing these lyrics to help you get inspired. You should listen to Christina Aguilera's Stripped album and also watch her video FIGHTER! The hard rock sound and lyrics in that song always get me hyped and inspired. The video is beautiful too. Her Lotus album just came out.

~READ THIS~ Lotus represents this unbreakable flower that will withstand the toughest time and weather... I'm a lotus myself. I also want everyone else to read these inspiring lyrics just in case you have writers block as well. Enjoy my lotuses...

Created by: MysteriousEntity

  1. LOTUS INTRO: Songbird, rebirth, unearth creature Submerge from hurt, pain, broken pieces Emergency, heartbeat increases Rise up lotus, rise, this is the beginning
  2. And now the lotus rises We are never dyin' Forever flyin' And always survivin'
  3. To the sky, I rise Spread my wings, and fly I leave the past behind And say goodbye to the scared child inside I sing for freedom, and for love I look at my reflection Embrace the woman I've become The unbreakable lotus in me I now set free
  4. Here are some story ideas... hope you like :)
  5. ADVENTURE STORY: The main character is washed ashore on an island (of your choice) and she doesn't remember who she is and where she came from. She meets different characters throughout the story who are willing to help her remember. But as soon as she remembers who/what she is, it's a different story. Should she keep it a secret and continue her old life or start her new life with her newfound friends?
  6. ROMANCE/HORROR STORY: This may seem like a very dark story but bear with me : ) The main protagonist is sleeping peacefully in her bed as usual until a very attractive male creep towards her. He slides to the other side of her bed and gently touches her face. Startled, he jumps back and accidently scratch her face a little. She wakes up sweating and realizes it was just a dream. But when she touches her face, she feels blood. Could it be real? Who is this mystery guy and what does he want? I was thinking the guy could be an incubus who works for satin. His job is to impregnate the main protagonist so that the ultimate demon can be born. But he soon falls in love with her and doesn't want to go through with the job. Satin soon becomes angry (and jealous) and hunts for them. She meets allies and enemies along the way.
  7. I read your quiz about how you think Paranormal Love was too cheesy and gushy so I think both of these quiz ideas will give it enough action with a little bit of romance too. SO EVERYBODY CAN BE HAPPY :P (by the way, I thought Paranormal Love was perfect!) Anyway more ideas just came to mind...keep reading...
  8. SURVIVAL/ADVENTURE: THE LAST OF US (title inspired by the 2013 game) There is an infection going around and most are dead and those who are alive are dying slowly. You, your best friend (*guy) and your other close friend (*girl) have to search for the cure. You are trying to find the cure, "˜the lotus flower'. The catch is that it's completely rare due to the always changing climate. It may rain one day, snow the next, etc. It is up to you to find the lotus flower and save everyone from this slow death. You meet other survivors who are nice but the main antagonists are also looking for the flower. So now you have to race to get it.
  9. EVERYDAY W/ A TWIST: This story focuses on a girl who was born without a twin. Her twin died in her mother's womb. Soon the main protagonist begins to have a change in personality and actions. She learns that her twin is actually living inside of her! While possessing her, the evil twin is getting her to do things the girl normally wouldn't do, like ask her crush out and fight the most popular girl in school. But the girl begins to think the twin isn't evil at all and they learn how to share one body. A scientist overhears her talking to herself but she's really talking to the twin and he kidnaps her to run different tests. He takes her to this asylum where he tests different "unique" teens. With the help of her twin, she has to escape the asylum and free the kidnapped kids.
  10. I hope you like the ideas. I made them up off the top of my head but I also put thought into them. Maybe you will use one. I just felt bad that you didn't have any inspiration. You inspired me to write my stories "˜Supernatural: Eerie Beginnings' and "˜Annihilation'!
  11. You are an amazing person Firey_Soul and I want to thank you for everything! I want to also give a shout out to Sage Parson, Beautiful Games, mcqueen, xxblutixx (you're another inspiration), 33iZZy18, Bluebird, jjjcutie, eve1241, cmmbarrelracing, Weird_Lulu, AliZoey, and Candy 20 for reading my two story quizzes. I promise I will have the next parts out soon. You've all made great quizzes.
  12. And thanks to all GoToQuiz users for making great quizzes and funny forum posts! Please vote for this quiz so everyone (especially Firey_Soul) can see it!!! Thanks ^__^

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