Rockish Lyrics Quizzz

This is a quiz about Rockish type of lyrics. I called it "rockish" because some of the questions are about rock music, some are about emo, some are about HxC, and so on.

So, how well do you know your "rockish" lyrics? You could go your whole life pondering this question, or you could waste five minutes of your life on this quiz.

Created by: Skylee

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  1. What song are these lyrics from? "she's simple yet confusing, her sparkling eyes make me weak at my words..."
  2. What band sings this song? "When your only friends are hotel rooms, hands are distant lullabies..."
  3. What is the first line of "reinventing your exit", by Underoath?
  4. "you won't be leavin' my heart, ever, i promise you that. even if you want to let go, honey, even if you say the things that make me want to lose you..." who sings this?
  5. Which of these lyrics were written by AFI?
  6. What song is this? "I wanted to be the breath of fresh air, when everything smelled so insincere..."
  7. Which of these lyrics was written by Paramore?
  8. What is the first line of "Beautiful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars?
  9. What is this song? "you were the only face i'd ever known, i was the light from the lamp on the floor..."
  10. Fill in the blank. "I will wait for you, she said ________"

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