Fat test: Am I fat?

Have you always wondered "Am I fat", "Am I obese?", or other obvious questions like that? Well, you're about to find out! But first; the basics. What is a fat person? A fat person is someone who is obese, overweight, or just large, that is a lot larger than an average person is, who is geometrically fat, usually with a large stomach. What makes someone fat? They eat too much, or consume too much, causing calories and fat to run through their body, adding weight, and they get fat! Am I fat? Take the test to find out!

This is a fat shaming quiz, you've been warned. So, are you fat? Are you skinny? Are you average? Anyway, take this test to find out! So, get out that mouse and let's begin!...What are you waiting for?...PRESS THE D***N BUTTON!

Created by: Logan of My NG page
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  1. You walk into a sauna with most of your clothes off. People all around you are staring. Why do you think they are staring?
  2. You're looking for new clothes, and you try some on, and they don't fit. What do you do?
  3. How many fat rolls do you have?
  4. You are walking through a mall when all of a sudden your buttons pop, so you are there, half dressed. What do you do?
  5. Can you put your finger in your belly button?
  6. Can you see your toes?
  7. Would you be caught dead in a swimsuit?
  8. Can you see your ribcage?
  9. What is your shirt size?
  10. Pant size?
  11. If you take off all clothes but underwear, in a mirror, can you see your underwear?
  12. Quickly pull up your shirt! Does your belly bounce?
  13. Look through the top of your shirt. What do you see? (left to right)
  14. What are you most likely to be called on the street?
  15. Does your stomach overlap your pants?

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