how fat will i be

the reason i did this test is because i think i am over weight and if you think you are too then take this test to see what you really are i will and i think i will feel better.

do you think you are over weight like me? then take my test it might make you feel better of your body. don't let the tittle trick you,you might be supprised.

Created by: daniela rue
  1. what is your age?
  2. how many meals do you have in one day
  3. how much do you way?
  4. do you have a well ballanced diet?
  5. what do you normaly eat
  6. how lazy are you?
  7. how many hours of tv do you watch?
  8. do you think your fat? (no offence)
  9. are you or do you think your over weight?
  10. are you pregnat
  11. do you eat a lot?
  12. are you a veggitarian?
  13. do you live with your parents? (it does affect your weight)
  14. are you santa claus?
  15. are you doing this on your computer?
  16. do you have a job
  17. what grade are you in
  18. are you sitting
  19. is there a tv in the room your in?
  20. are you in sports?
  21. are you tired of this test and glad it's over?

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