10 behaviours holding you back from losing weight

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Feel as if you’re doing all the right things to be healthy and lose weight but it just doesn’t seem to work? Take this quiz to see if you've got the important pieces in place to drop the weight for good!

Most adults are very particular about their weight and would go the extra mile to lose some pounds.And yes, you should consider losing weight because major health problems such as diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, and hypertension are more prevalent among the overweight than among individuals of normal weight.

Created by: David Curtis Mintah of AL's Nutrition Parlour
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  1. It is good to add fruits to your diet. Which of these fruit categories will help you lose weight?
  2. You should be mindful adding green leafy vegetables to your diet. How many times in a day should you add them to your meals?
  3. What you do right after eating has an effect on your weight loss efforts. Which of these activities can help you lose weight when done just after eating a meal?
  4. The time you go to bed after eating a meal is very important in weight management. Ideally after eating, how long should you wait before going to bed?
  5. It is difficult choosing the right meal and exercise routine. Food supplements can be taken to speed up your weight loss efforts. Which of these is true about food supplements?
  6. Which of these food components will increase the amount of calories in your food?
  7. When the body does not have any immediate need of the fat that enters from food, what happens?
  8. Fat in the abdominal cavity has been shown to be associated with a greater risk for hypertension, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer...
  9. You may say, well you do not eat much. Calories from your food, however may be adding up gradually.An intake of 3,500 calories more than the body needs for maintenance and activities will result in a weight gain of 1 pound.
  10. Water adds bulk to your diet, increases satiety, and helps prevent overeating. How many glasses should you take in a day?

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