This is a quiz, a quiz about me. everyone loves this quiz about me...excpet for bees (argh no bees) have fun seeing how like myself you are, although ti have been told im a rather perculiar person..

Are you like me, do you think people need to chill...if so then go away..if not...carry on..remember no pain no gain...which makes the wohle exercise to lose weight ruotine rather hurts..but you slim...that doesnt fit to the motto..argh my mind!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
What would you say the most important thing in music is?
Fitting to the stereotype of the music
Creating your own genre so people recognise you
Maknig sure all the music fits into one piece
Layering simplistic beats ontop of eachother
Creating a hidden meaning behind your music
Defining your music with unusual style
You are partaking in a game of "hide and Seek" where do you hide?
Behind the largest object, after all it hides you..
Hiding behind the object farthest away. they'll look there last.
Hiding in a cupboard...nuff said.
Hiding behind your hands...if you can't see them they cant see you
Sitting in another room...let them look but theyll never find you
Don't hide, just stand next to the person and claim you win.
You just got paid, you can buy
Expensive clothing
Video Games
Normal Clothing
Novelty things (lava lamps etc.)
Somebody you trusted betrays you, do you...
Spread rumours
Glare quazi-evily
swear back revenge tenfold
believe they wont betray your trust again
get on with your life
sink into depression
A man in a street is abusing on a non-sepcified you?
Walk past and give him a Devil May Care glance
ring the fuzz
fetch some mates
watch whilst rubbing your knees in hope it'll distract the mugger
tackle the mugger head on and eat his eyebrows
Warn him off and on failing defend the entity.
given a choice you would listen to..
Marilyn Manson
System of a Down
Exist in Denial
My Chemical Romance
50 Cent
What would you say is most important in life?
Material Possesions
Spiritual Possesions
Your view on Religion
i have very storng beliefs in my mainstream religion
i'm quite happy beliving what im told by "them"
dunno, i think there's more out there
there's definitly something more out there...i'm just not sure what..
How do i contact whatevers out there
meh, i have my own ideas on it. you wouldnt understand
if you had any superpower it would be?
The Power of flight...Whoosh ^_^
The Power of invisibility..imagine all the places you could go ^_~
The Power of time....intresting if nothing else
The Power of forever
The Power of Ice...Freeze!
The Power to control minds...Muwahahahaha
where would you go on holiday if you could go anywhere?
Somewhere hot
Somewhere cold
Somewhere secluded
Somewhere crammed with life
definitly somewhere with a nightlife
a family vacation spot
if you could have one wish it would be?
Your wildest dream come true, hmm
that everything you want if simply given to you.
popularity, everyone loves you
infinite wishes. over-exposures always fun
nothing, you have everytihng youd wish for
nothing, you like to earn anything you have
For your perfect date you'd go?
The Cinema
Your house
Their house
whatever you feel like doing
whatever they feel like doing
you have one day to live, you do what?
Rampage...always thought it'd be fun
Say your goodbyes
make a time capsule, to be remembered
spend the day doing everything youd wished youd done
conforming to as amny of the seven deadly sins as possible
praying fir passage to the heavens
What's your idea of comedy?
Something where you laugh at peoples problems
Something where you laugh at stereotypes
something where you laugh at global eccentricity
something where you laugh at the impossible
something where you laugh at past experiences
something where you laugh at conformity
is overrated
is impossible to define
has no measures
is ignoring me at the moment
is cool to be in, if not thats ok
yes please!
Which phrase catches your eye?
Sic Dan
nobody understand me
Donkies are aliens
woah man, there's like boxes...falling from the sky
you're told to cretae an advert. you make it on the subject of
Ball Bearing
Moon Boots
Cultural Awareness
You're taking a etst to see if you're like me because?
i'm bored...
i'm addicted to pointless quizzes
i have nothing else to do
i want to know!
i'm not like you, you're like me...
wtf, i thought i closed this window...

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